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TubeFab is dedicated to provide high quality custom fabricated tubing and/or assemblies to the HVAC and Refrigeration Industry. We supply custom tubing fabricated with copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel ranging from simple cut to length parts to complex assemblies to fit your system’s design requirements. TubeFab offers the level of quality and satisfaction you our customers deserve.

TubeFab operations uses CNC tube bending and punching equipment to provide precise repeatable parts for our customer. Our team members are quality focused in evaluating all of our customer’s requirements to determine the appropriate equipment and bend program.  In addition, TubeFab can provide:

  • Flatend spinning for header and other requirements
  • Various end forming and sizing operations

For support of more complex parts/assemblies, TubeFab can also provide:

  • Hole punch
  • Collar extrusion processes

Our product capabilities reach far beyond the supplying of just individual tubing components. Part of our service to you, our customer, is to make it our mission to help you reduce any costs during installation.

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What better way is there to reduce your assembly costs
other than to reduce your assembly time.

How?  By letting TubeFab supply the assemblies.

Tube Fab - Bent Tube Products

Bent Tubes

CNC equipment is used to bend and form tubes for maximum repeatability and production efficiency.

Tube Fab - Header Tubes

Header Tube

Manifold headers are manufactured using custom production fixtures to ensure design tolerances are achieved and fit to customer products easily.

Tube Fab - Tube Assembly

Fabricated Tube Assemblies

Tube and fittings are carefully assembled after forming, then brazed, leak tested, and inspected to customer specification.